Friday, June 24, 2016

hypnojocks: So annoying. I’m unable to break free of his grip...


So annoying. I'm unable to break free of his grip and now his sweaty cock covers all my face and there is nowhere to turn away. It's everywhere. I can feel my opponent's sweat allover my face as he rubs his cock and balls against it. Suddenly I feel as my dick get harder. Is he rubbing it? Or is it because I enjoy having his semi hard dick and sweaty balls around my face? It's so hard to think. His smell overwhelms me and the touch of his wrestling suit drives me crazy.

The more I sniff his junk the harder my dick becomes. And in the moment the top of his dick touched my lips, my mouth opened. I have to take his shaft. I need to please him. I need to kiss and suck his dick through his singlet.

For a moment I got scared of my own thoughts but then he pushed his dick deeper in my mouth. My tongue touched his dick, and my saliva set free all the sweat and scent trapped in the red lycra singlet and suddenly I felt calm, relaxed and obedient. I accepted my place: beaten, defeated and dominated by this god.

Quite the story

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